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Extended Immunity Foundation

Enabling Ubiquitous Viral Detection and Surveillance

Zoonotic Disease Surveillance
We collaborate with clients to engineer the most effective and efficient methods to humanely track and detect viruses in animals before they’re transmitted to humans.

Our project integrates technologies with high Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) consisting of autonomous/programmable unmanned drones with high endurance and payload capacity, artificial intelligence/computer vision algorithms applied to detecting animals in nature, and robotic net capture mechanisms in a novel way.

We’re innovating virus detection in animals and are committed to developing humane methods to capture and test them. Using current methods, many animals die during testing. We want to make the world safer for humans and animals alike. Through this integration, we will rapidly scale viral sampling and gain new insight into how to defend our bodies against viral infection, and we will create a healthier and brighter future. We focus on developing cutting-edge methodologies to capture animals carrying potentially harmful viruses for humans using a wide array of game-changing technologies.

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Conventional methods are ineffectual. Instead of focusing on catching diseases after humans are infected, we endeavor to detect diseases before they’re even transmitted to humans. We are dedicated to true prevention. Detecting viruses before they’re transmitted to humans can literally change the world. This will enable early detection to alert and warn people of potentially dangerous animals carrying dangerous viruses.

Our focus is on delivering traps while increasing detection rates and our innovative technologies, like our upcoming 3d printed portable traps, are primed to curb future pandemics and tragedies. Human immunity is a benefit for everybody. In the end, we want to empower each and every person to control their health and lives, and we want to optimize their understanding of the threats we’re facing. We believe in controlling our collective destiny.

Since the first human virus was discovered in 1901 (Yellow Fever Virus), less than 400 viruses capable of infecting humans have been identified. As the global human population grows and the factors contributing to viral pandemics increase (e.g. climate change, biodiversity loss, illicit resource extraction, food insecurity, etc.), we must rapidly close the knowledge gap on the remaining unknown 631,000-827,000 viruses.

Ultimately, at Extended Immunity Foundation, we’re striving to build a healthier, better world for every creature on this planet.

The Extended Immunity Foundation is creating rapid viral discovery and disease surveillance tools using intelligent drones and other innovative technologies.

Scientists estimate there are 627,000-831,000 undiscovered viruses dangerous to humans. Using drones, cutting-edge 3d printable traps, and innovative testing methods, we will reduce costs, mitigate risks, and dramatically increase viral discovery and surveillance capacity. Ultimately, our target is to optimize prevention and make the world safer for animals and humans alike.

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My passion is using cutting-edge technology in conjunction with tried-and-true

I am Andrew McDowell. I started the Extended Immunity Foundation (EIF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, in January 2019. While attending a conference the year before I realized just how dangerous viruses are and how little we know about them. My background is in Remote Sensing and Geospatial Information Systems and I saw my industry change dramatically over a decade as more and more sensors were launched into space or flown around on unmanned aircrafts.

Extended Immunity Foundation was founded under the conviction that the same technology that benefited my industry can benefit virology as we use analogous technology to scale up the rate of viral surveillance.

Outside of EIF, I am an employee of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and I currently live in Wiesbaden, Germany where I am staffed on a joint assignment with the US Army. My past work includes time with the US Air Force and BAE Systems. I have deployed to Qatar (2007), Iraq (2009), and Afghanistan (2019). I am a current graduate student at Syracuse University and I have an MBA from Champlain College and a BA in Geography from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

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